Huntersville Fire Department

Get ready for another FULL year of good, highly motivated, hands-on training. Just like last year – the training committee is working on and even expanding the same great training topics for 2015.

Training Topics and Dates Announced for 2015

Jan 2015              HOSELINE PLACEMENT&ADVANCEMENT / NEW ENGINES  (Jan 26, 27, 28)
Feb 2015              ANNUAL FIT TEST / NEW SCBA & RIT TRAINING (Feb 23, 24, 25)
Mar 2015 #1         ANNUAL FRPAT TESTING (Both required to work) (Mar 2,3,4)

Mar 2015 #2      SCBA / RIT DRILL WITH NEW AIR PAKS (Mar 23,24,25)
Apr 2015               WATER SUPPLY / TANKER OPS / DRIVER OPERATOR (Apr 20, 21, 22)
May 2015              VEHICLE EXTRICATION (May 18,19, 20)
Jun 2015              ROPES /RIGGING - HIGH & LOW ANGLE RESCUES (Jun 15,16,17)
Jul 2015               HAZMAT  (Jul 20,21,22)
Aug 2015              FORCIBLE ENTRY  (Aug 17,18, 19)
Sept 2015             LADDERS (Sept 14,15,16)
Oct 2015               VICTIM & LARGE AREA SEARCH (Oct 12,13,14)
Nov 2015              OPEN (Nov 9,10,11)
Dec 2015              OPEN

Training opportunities will occur three times a month to ensure all work shifts have a chance to attend training. Dates are subject to change, please refer to the monthly communications from the training committee for dates, times and training locations.


We are excited to announce that in partnership with CPCC we will once again be a host spot for Mecklenburg County EMT Con-Ed in 2015.

We will offer TWO training opportunities each month - a day time AND a night time option. Training will be held on the third Wednesday of every month from 9a-12p and the third Thursday of every month from 7p-10p.

All training will be conducted at Huntersville Fire Station 1 which is located in downtown Huntersville. (110 S. Old Statesville Road Huntersville NC 28078)

Con-Ed Training Dates are as follows:

Jan 15 (am), 21 (pm)          BLOOD BORNE PATHOGENS / CDC UPDATE
Feb 18 (am), 19 (pm           FRACTURES
March 18 (am),19(pm)        PENETRATING EMERGENCIES
April 15 (am), 16 (pm)         FOCUSED CPR (Mandatory)
May 20 (am), 21 (pm)          GERIATRIC EMERGENCIES
June 17 (am),18 (pm)         DISENTAGLEMENT
July 2015                               --- NO CON-ED TRAINING ---
Aug. 19 (am), 20 (pm)         REHAB EMERGENCIES
Sept 16 (am), 17 (pm)         TBA
Oct 15 (pm), 21 (am)           AIRWAY MANAGEMENT
Nov 18 (am) ,20 (pm)          FOCUSED CPR (Mandatory)
Dec 2015                               --- NO CON-ED TRAINING ---

2015 EMT - First Responder Coninued Education Training Calendar, click HERE:

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Public Information Officer Bill Suthard - or our EMS coordinator CPT John Welty.

We welcome any and ALL EMTs that need this training - you do not need to be a member of Huntersville FD!