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Thursday, November 12, 2015  We're truly HONORED to have many Military Veterans serving our Department & our community everyday as FF/EMTs.

Thank you for your service - keeping our country safe and free and now keeping our Town safe. ‪#‎VeteransDay‬




Monday, November 9, 2015  Mayor Jill Swain stopped by Station 1 to check out our new Tanker on Friday; which arrived in Town last week. A bitter-sweet Mayor Swain tradition (visiting and exploring, first hand, our new fire trucks when they arrive) which will end this year when she concludes her term as Mayor. We’re still adding equipment and lettering to the new Tanker and will begin staff training soon before putting it into service in the near future.We would be remiss if we failed to mention that Mayor Swain has always been a big supporter of our busy and quickly growing Fire Department. Although an already conservative spending Department; Mayor Swain worked hard over the years with the Commissioners and Town Leaders - always finding a way to get us the equipment and the firefighter staffing we needed to keep up with the growth and the increasing call volume. Not to mention - she stopped by frequently with homemade lasagna for the duty crews!!

We’re excited to see what the future brings to the Town and the Department. We also hope that the support for our Department continues in her absence.

Regardless – if you need us, call us, we’ll be there! ‪#‎OneTownOneTeam‬‪#‎BlackOverRed‬




Sunday, November 1, 2015  It's time to 'Fall Back' for day light savings time. It also time to change your smoke alarm batteries! Remember: Change your clocks, change your batteries. Smoke Alarms save lives!

--> Roughly HALF of all home fire deaths result from fires between 11pm-7am. EVERY bedroom should have a functional smoke alarm with fresh batteries.




Sunday, November 1, 2015  Around 8:15pm, stations 1, 2 responded to a Kitchen Fire in the 16500 Block of Redcliff Dr. Prior to Engine 2's arrival the fire was stopped by a sprinkler activation. E-1 & E-2's crew worked hard to shut down the sprinkler system to reduce further water damage. Crews quickly deployed tarps and began aggressive squeegee operations to remove water in the 3 affected Apartments. One apartment had fire and water damage and 2 apartments with only water damage (both of those apartments were located below the fire apartment).

The fire started in a pot on the stove top and climbed the cabinets before being extinguished by the sprinkler. All HFD crews cleared the scene at 9:30pm.




Saturday, October 31, 2015  Introducing our newest probationary Firefighter (hence the red HFD fire helmet)

He's very loyal & obedient ‪#‎HappyHalloween‬




Thursday, October 29, 2015  The Huntersville Fire Department would like to wish you a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Below are some tips to make sure your Halloween is fun and SAFE!


  • Make sure the costume is ‘Flame resistant’ or will not easily burn. If you are making the costume avoid materials that easily ignite. Use flame resistant materials such as polyester and nylon.
  • Avoid dark colored costume material if at all possible.
  •  If your child is wearing a mask, please make sure the eye holes are large enough to provide full field of vision to prevent tripping, falling and injury.
  • Provide your child with a flash and/or glow light as part of their costumes.
  • Remind your child to stay away from open fires (fire pits, bon fires, luminaries, etc).
  • Review with your child what to do if their costume catches on fire: STOP – DROP – COVER YOUR FACE – ROLL THE FIRE OUT!

  • At home - Keep all exits clear of decorations so nothing blocks escape routes. Remember the NFPA Fire Prevention theme for this year – HAVE TWO WAYS OUT!
  • Use a flash light or battery operated candle for your jack-o-lantern. Avoid using real candles if at all possible. If you use a candle in your pumpkin, be sure to place the lit pumpkin well away from anything that can burn (drapes, curtains, decorations). Try to keep the jack-o-lantern away from walkways, sidewalks and trick-or-treaters.

  • Talk to your child about safety prior to starting tonight. Talk about traffic caution, crossing the street at corners only, using sidewalks, walk facing traffic if at all possible, stranger danger and to NEVER walk inside a house - stay outside on the porch or sidewalk.
  • Accompany your child while they trick-or-treat. Make sure a responsible adult is present with all trick-or-treaters and that the span of control is not too large to effectively manage.
  • If driving tonight, drive slower than normal, beware of excited children who may dart out into traffic without looking. Avoid using your cell phone (this includes TEXTING). Popular trick-or-treating times are 5:30-9:30pm.
  • Examine all treats before your kids eat them. Check for choking hazards and/or tampering.
A scary statistic – on Halloween, kids are twice as likely to be hit by a vehicle than any other night of the year. Let’s not let that happen here in Huntersville. Be safe tonight and make sure our kids have a fun, memorable and spooktacular time!




Tuesday, October 27, 2015  A 'Glimpse' of our newest apparatus - a brand new Tanker!

The new Tanker is almost finished at the factory and should be added to the HFD fleet soon. ‪#‎BlackOverRed‬




Saturday, October 24, 2015  At 5:39pm Station 3 was dispatched to an outside fire on Sam Furr Rd near Poplar Tent Road, CMPD reported the outside fire to be near the Renaissance Festival off Davidson-Concord Rd. As units checked in route, they observed a column of smoke...that gave indications it was more than just an outside fire. Engine 1 was added to the call. Crews arrived on scene and discovered the fire to be an old farm house, fully involved. E-3 & Brush 3 arrived shortly thereafter and help E-1 contain the fire to the house and to keep it from spreading to the surrounding vegetation and woods. An additional Brush & Tanker from Station 1 were also added to the call. The farm house was a total loss, however the fire was kept in check to the structure and immediate surrounding area.

The Mecklenburg County Fire Marshals Office is investigating the cause of the fire. All units were back in service by 8pm.




Friday, October 23, 2015  At 12:17am, Stations 1, 2, and Long Creek Fire Dept responded to a structure fire on Klamath Place (off Hambright Rd). The 911 caller was reporting that the resident(s) may still be inside the home. Engine 1 arrived on scene first to find a mobile home with heavy fire showing, declaring the working fire. Tanker 1 was added to the call, due to the lack of hydrants in the area. E1 stretched a line on the fire, while E2 provided additional tank water until Tanker 1 could arrive on scene. E2’s crew pulled a second line off of E1 and Long Creek E3 sent their crew up to assist. A quick primary search of the home proved negative; except for finding a canine in a bedroom who had perished in the fire. Crews were able to get a good knockdown on the fire within 15 mins; with a control time shortly thereafter. As crews were conducting a secondary search, the homeowner arrived and was able to account for all residents. Huntersville crews remained on scene until 3:15am assisting the Fire Marshal’s Office and conducting overhaul. Cause of fire was determined to be an unattended candle.




Thursday, October 22, 2015  On Thursday morning, while station 2 was managing all the gas odor calls, Stations 1, 3 & Cornelius FD responded to a garage fire in the 12740 Block of Bravington Rd. E1 arrived on scene to find a working fire in the garage involving a truck being restored. Fortunately the fire was confined to the garage and truck. E1 was able to get a quick knockdown and prevent further extension into the house.



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