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Sunday, August 24, 2014  With the summer ending and school starting this week we are providing some Back to School Safety Tips.

According to NC Department of Public Instruction Transportation Services The most dangerous part of a students day is "when students are boarding and exiting the bus". For the past four years (during the state's one day stop arm count), North Carolina school bus drivers reported that over 3,000 vehicles illegally passed their stopped buses on A SINGLE DAY. In the most troubling cases, drivers reported (83 instances in 2013-14) that motorists passed the bus on the right side – where students are loading and unloading. Since 1999, 13 students have been killed while boarding or exiting a school bus; and four of those deaths occurred in the 2012-13 school year alone. North Carolina law requires motorists to stop and remain stopped while the bus has its stop sign and flashing red lights engaged.

With the driver behavior mentioned previously coupled with the amount of drivers rushing to and from work - also distracted by smart phones; we want to get the word out to raise awareness and protect our little residents of the Ville as they head off to school.

Did you know that 82% of all adults admit to using their smart phone while driving and that 1.6 Million accidents are caused by distracted driving each year? Some scary statistics. Please do your part to keep our kids safe this year. Please read and share our safety tips.

As always - if you need us this year - we WILL be there!




Wednesday, August 27, 2014 1:17pm Huntersville Station 1 was dispatched to assist Cornelius Fire and Davidson Fire with a reported Garage Fire in the 9600 block of Bailey Rd in Cornelius. Crews responding reported a large column of smoke off in the distance and upgraded the call to working while enroute. Cornelius Fire arrived on scene first with heavy fire showing from the rear of a three story town home and quickly climbing the three stories to the attic. Cornelius immediately stretched an attack line to the rear and began fire attack while additional lines were taken inside to the second and third floors. Cornelius Ladder 4 made the roof and opened it up as interior crews made the attic to stop the fire. Due to the aggressive attack the fire was stopped at the town home of origin. However an actively gas leak at the rear of the home kept firefighters busy until the gas company could arrive and stop the leak. The fire appears to have started at the rear of the home, near the garage and some vehicles. The Mecklenburg County Fire Marshals Office is investigating.
The town home of origin suffered significant damage and is close to a total loss. Crews remained on scene assisting the fire marshal and mopping up hot spots.
Huntersville crews remained on scene until 3:08pm.

Click below for more pictures from the scene (courtesy of Cornelius Fire and local news networks)




Tuesday, August 26, 2014 9:00am While our PIO and the Police Department were discussing back to school safety, Station 1 was hit for a serious accident involving local school students. A pick-up truck carrying 7 students (in the truck bed) collided with a car on Verhoeff Drive; overturned and dumped the students in the roadway. A total of 4 Medic units were used to transport all the patients.

Units on scene: Engine 1, North Meck Rescue 1, MEDIC, MEDIC Supervisor and Huntersville Police.

Picture provided by North Meck Rescue.

Huntersville Fire reminds you to DO YOUR PART to be safe, make the right decisions out there.




Tuesday, August 26, 2014  The Huntersville Fire Department partnered with the Huntersville Police Department and FOX46 Carolinas this morning on the Good Day Carolinas Show to talk about Back to School safety. We discussed parking lot safety, bus stop safety and crosswalk safety.

Please DO YOUR PART to keep our kids safe.




Thursday, August 21, 2014  Station 1 assisted the Huntersville Family Fitness & Aquatic Center (HFFA) with refilling their large pool following a re-plaster. Owned by the Town, HFFA paid Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities for hydrant water and Station 1 ran hose lines from the nearest hydrant to the pool, provided the appropriate appliances and voila the pool is filled.

600' of fire hose and 995,000 gallons of water.




Monday, August 18, 2014  At 4:12pm Huntersville Station 2 was dispatched to Birkdale Village for a car fire in the parking garage. Engine 22 quickly responded and arrived on scene to find a working car fire in the lower level of the parking garage. E22’s crew quickly stretched the bumper line to the car for a quick knockdown on the fire. Damage was confined to the vehicle. Fire appears to have originated in the engine compartment.

All units were clear the scene by 5:00pm.




The Huntersville Fire Department has completed the 2014 recruiting / membership process. All EMPLOYEE candidates have completed the entire process and we're happy to welcome 5 new paid part-time members. The new members represent several local, professional full-time Departments: Charlotte, Concord and Greensboro.

All VOLUNTEER candidates have completed the entire process and we're happy to welcome 7 new volunteer members. These new members live in Town and will begin receiving gear and firefighter training.

We anticipate the next recruiting and membership drive will occur again in January 2015.

Thank-you for your interest in Huntersville Fire Department!




Friday, August 15, 2014  Huntersville Station 1 participated in the first annual “Countdown to Kindergarten” event at the Discovery Place Kids in downtown. Countdown to Kindergarten was a free community-wide program for rising kindergarteners helping them get ready for their first big day at school. A celebration of a child’s entrance into formal education DPK offered free admission and invited community partners (local schools, the Fire and Police Departments, CMS bus and various local vendors) to attend and meet with the kids. Families and the rising kindergartners were able to meet with local kindergarten teachers, visit a mock classroom, learn about fire safety and school safety.  We had Engine 11 (Old Engine 3) out and allowed the kids to climb through and explore the fire truck.

It was a very successful event with DPK reporting over 800 attendees!

Click below for more pictures from the event.




Wednesday, August 13, 2014  Huntersville Stations 1, 2 and Cornelius Fire responded to reports of a garage fire in the 7610 block of Babe Stillwell Farm Road. As E22 left the station they reported a column of smoke in the distance. Chief Irvin arrived on scene first and reported a large trash pile threatening a garage. E22 arrived shortly thereafter and quickly stretched two lines to the fire. E22 was able to get a quick knock on the fire. Command released Huntersville Ladder 1 and Cornelius Engine 2 from the call. Huntersville Engine 1 continued in to the scene for additional water.

The fire was quickly extinguished. Origin appears to be within a large pile of rubbish (couches, TVs, hot tub and various furniture) located just outside the garage. The garage did suffer some significant heat damage, but E22 crew’s quick response prevented the fire from spreading to the building.
Crews remained on scene extinguishing hot spots, Mecklenburg County Fire Marshal responded to the scene to investigate cause and origin. All units were clear the scene by 7:30pm.

Click below for more pictures from the scene.




Thursday, August 7, 2014  Huntersville Stations 1, 2 responded to a structure fire in the 7630 Blk of Berrywood Circle in the Henderson Park neighborhood. Multiple 911 callers were reporting a fire on the outside of a neighboring house. Engine 2 arrived within minutes to find the occupants attempting to extinguish a fire at the rear of the home using a garden hose.

The fire was quickly extinguished. Origin appears to be near the trash cans. The Mecklenburg County Fire Marshal is investigating the cause. The home's occupants are VERY lucky - the fire was growing quickly and climbing the outside wall of the home. The heat from the fire cracked a first floor window.

Huntersville Fire Department reminds you to NEVER discard Charcoal or hot ashes into the roll-out plastic trash bins.

Click below for more pictures from the scene.



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