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2014 RECAP


3,166 total calls in 2014. That's an increase of 267 calls over 2013. On average, all calls were responded to in just over 5 mins (from dispatch to arrival, including non emergency calls). Total property dollars saved in 2014 was $5,486,000.

We currently have a total of 88 part time firefighters on staff; of which 76 are full time career firefighters or medics in another emergency service agency.

The busiest months for us were January followed by May. Our highest call volume occurs between 1pm and 6pm.

Top volunteer (off duty response) call responders were:
-  Mark Auten 208 calls
-  Bill Suthard 176 calls
-  Brent Irvin    155 calls




Friday, January 16, 2015  On Friday night we held our annual awards banquet at the NorthStone Country Club. We had a great evening of fellowship celebrating 2014. Our Town leaders attended as did two leaders from the Huntersville Police Department. 

We recognized our 2014 top off-duty call runners (volunteer off-duty calls) Mark Auten 208 calls, Bill Suthard 178 calls and Brent Irvin 155 calls. We also named our 2014 Firefighter of the year – Chad Dunn and 2014 Fire Officer of the year – John Welty. 

This year we also recognized one of our firefighter wives for her dedication and volunteerism over the last few years. Leanne Costello has been a consistent, dedicated support for our many community events, blood drives and fundraisers. She, like many of our FF wives, is the solid rock behind the scenes that support our firefighters and our Department every day. 

We would like to also thank several sponsors who provide continued support for our department everyday: Next Level Readiness of Huntersville, Municipal Emergency Services (MES), Outback Steakhouse, Longhorn Steakhouse as well as the NorthStone Country Club which always eagerly hosts us each year and provides unbelievable service, food and attention.




Friday, January 16, 2015  On Friday afternoon, the Blue Heel Sock Company of Huntersville stopped by the 2-House and dropped off a $750 check for the North Carolina Firefighter's Burned Childrens Fund and pledged 10% of all future sales from their 'Thin Blue and Thin Red Line' tactical socks to the FFBCF.

We've seen first hand the good that the FFBCF does and are extremely excited to help even more. We already have the most successful FFBCF can trailers in Mecklenburg County, now we have another venue for generating funds for them!

Check out Blue Heel HERE   Thank you Blue Heel!!

We had representatives from Charlotte Fire, along with our Public Information Officer on hand to accept the check.

Fore more information on the North Carolina Firefighter's Burned Childrens Fund CLICK HERE




Wednesday, January 14, 2015  We are happy to announce that starting tomorrow (the 15th) the Huntersville Fire Department will once again be providing EMT Con-Ed twice a month with day and night options!

Please check out the updated EMT training schedule on our webpage as well as the attached .jpeg of the schedule included with this post. ALL EMTs are welcome - you do not need to be a Huntersville Member to attend...we welcome all.




Tuesday, January 13, 2015 11:55am Just before noon, Huntersville Station 1 and North Meck Rescue ran an MVA off Sam Furr Rd with a report of a 'Vehicle into a Building'.

Ladder 1, Engine 1 and North Meck rescue arrived on scene to find Minor MVA, with a single passger car that had struck a small tree. the tree took the brunt of the impact and the vehicle never made it into the building. No injuries reported and the scene was turned over to Huntersville Police.

Pictures are courtesy of North Meck Rescue.




Monday, January 12, 2015 11:07pm Just after 11pm our Station 2, along with Long Creek Fire were hit for an MVA on Beatties Ford Rd in the 11100 block; south of Sample Rd.

Crews from Station 2 and Long Creek Fire arrived on scene to find a single passenger car (Mercedes 4 door) into a large tree with heavy front end damage and intrusion.

Crews worked hard and quickly, identifying the driver as a priority patient and worked free the driver from the vehicle. The driver was packaged for transport by Medic911 to CMC-Main in Uptown.

Click below for more pictures from the scene.




Wednesday, January 7, 2015  With the COLD weather upon us - we reached out today to provide some fire safety tips. Please make sure you're prepared and stay safe. As always - we're here if you should need us! #ArcticBlast #StaySafe




Thursday, January 1, 2015  Our annual fundraising letters went out this week to residents and businesses in Huntersville. 

They're sent by a third party company (Choice Marketing); however your donations go straight to the Department and directly assist our operating budget. Your donation is tax deductible and is the ONLY fundraising that we do each year. 

Thank you for your support of the Huntersville Fire Department!




Wednesday, December 31, 2014  2014 was a fantastic year for us here at the Ville! We sincerely hope that you have a fun New Year's Eve celebration and that 2015 brings you many good memories and laughs.

Please remember to be safe tonight, have a back-up plan if you're drinking and make the right decisions. Remember that what is shot UP into the air - comes right back down! Also - take into account your neighbors pets that may be afraid of loud noises.

As always we'll be there if you need us tonight...we've attached some safety tips for you. Please be safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR!




Monday, December 29, 2014  FIRE SAFETY TIP / WARNING - Station 2 responded to an outside fire this morning in a Birkdale subdivision. This was a VERY CLOSE call and could have been much worse. A homeowner discarded ashes (from a Saturday night fire pit) into one of the roll-out plastic trash cans. Luckily the owner rolled the trash can out to the street this morning and it was not left next to the house. Ashes (placed inside the plastic trash cans) has been the cause of some major house fires in the past. The plastic trash cans are often left outside, against the house; the ashes catch the can's contents on fire, the ensuing fire melts the can and ignites the side of the house, the fire climbs the wall of the house and enters the attic. For many of these fires we arrived on scene within minutes to find a house with fire through the roof.

Our recommendation is that ALL ASH hot or cold (fireplace, grill, fire pit, Chiminia) be collected in a metal container and filled with water. We recommend NEVER storing this metal container inside the house, next to the house, in the garage, on the porch or on the deck. The metal container should be stored well away from any combustible material. We recommend leaving it outside, away form the house, for at least a week or more. Even after a few days - ashes and or embers can store heat and reignite easily - especially when piled into a plastic trash can with and against other 'fuel'. Leave the container of ash full of water for at least a week or more, then bury the ash in the yard.

Click below for more pictures.



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