Huntersville Fire Department

Huntersville Fire Department Apparatus Station 1

Station 1 Current Apparatus

Engine 1

  Spartan/Marion Engine Company

• 1500 GPM pump
• 850 Gallons of Water
• Class A&B Foam Systems

Engine 1 is the first out Engine for stations 1's area. It carries equipment for firefighting, vehicle extrication, salvage and overhaul

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Ladder 1

  SMEAL Heavy Duty Rear Mount Aerial

• 2000 GPM pump
• 300 Gallons of Water
• Hurst e-draulic Combination tools
• 105’ Stick

Ladder 1 replaced the older 1998 Spartan/ Marion 75' Ladder at station 2. That ladder we reassigned as a reserve Ladder and is now located at Station 2 as Ladder 2.

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Rescue 1

  Spartan / Marion
  • 2006 Spartan Marion Heavy Rescue Company

Rescue 1 is a NC Association of Rescue and EMS certified Heavy Rescue unit. It carries equipment for Extrication, Rope Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, Firefighting and land search. It also has a 4-bottle cascade system and night scan light tower. It automatically responds to all serious motor vehicle collisions involving entrapments and or unique rescue emergencies within the Huntersville response area.  Helps cover all 3 stations.

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Tanker 1

  Sterling / US Tanker
  • 1250 GPM Pump
  • 3000 Gallons of water
  • 300 gallon Firefighting Foam

Tanker 1 is the Primary water source for the areas of Huntersville that do not have fire hydrants and all fire emergencies on the Interstates in our area. 

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Engine 11

  Spartan Quality Engine Company

• 2000 GPM pump
• 1000 Gallons of Water

Engine 11 is the second out Engine for Station 1's area and is also a reserve Engine for the Department. It carries equipment for firefighting, vehicle extrication, salvage and overhaul

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Brush 1

  Dodge W/C

• 150 GPM Pump
• 300 gallons of water

Brush 1 responds to all off road incidents in the Station 1 area. It carries equipment for fighting brush fires and can access remote areas within the Huntersville response area.


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Squad 3

  • 1999 Ford F350/Quesco

Squad 3 is used for responding to medical emergencies, and transporting members to emergency calls and training. Mallard Creek FD donated this apparatus to HFD in July 2011 when they went out of business.

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